It is not excessive to say that a large number of couple dream about doing a pre-wedding photo session in Bali, or even to get married in Bali. Lucky for us Indonesians, it is quite easy for us to travel to Bali at this moment. With a relatively economical budget, you too can do your pre-wedding photo session at this Island Of a Thousand Temples.

Om Swastiyastu, goes the greeting from the people of Bali which are well-known for their hospitality. Along with the natural beauty and the indigenous culture of Bali, it?s a magical combination which holds a remarkable appeal for travelers from all over the world to visit this Island, located only 3km from the eastern tip of Java Island. This 5,000 square kilometer Island feels like it?s filled to the brim with the beauty of nature, from the romantic mountain areas, lakes, to exotic beaches. This is why, the Island with 3 million inhabitants is so much desired by many as a location for their wedding photo session.

Bali people ceremony Pura Ulundanu bedugul
Balinese ceremony in Ulundanu Temple, Bedugul

For those living in Indonesia and other Asian countries, it is very easy to reach Bali. The Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali hosts major airlines from around the world, and acts as a hub connecting Bali with Indonesia?s neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailad, Hongkong, Japan, even Australia. The ease of travel is supported by the free visa regulation for ASEAN countries and also Visa On Arrival facility for a large number of reciprocating countries.


Where to go in Bali? Everything is available here. From white, brown to black sand beaches, to mountains decorated with lakes, forests or rice fields can be found here. Due to its considerably small size, it is possible to travel around Bali in a relatively short time. This is a huge advantage for a photographer and his/her client to get a lot of photos in different nuances in a short period of time. In one day we can get at least two different nuances from the mountains or the beaches.

Let us look through the beautiful beaches in Bali. We start from the South district which is the main tourist attractions covering Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Benoa and Sanur. Kuta Beach? Feels like too common to do a pre-wedding photo session here. The same goes with the beaches in Sanur and Benoa areas. But if time is limited, we can do the photo session in these locations nevertheless. Because we are against mediocre results, normally we do not recommend photo sessions in those common beaches. We have much more beautiful and unique beaches in Jimbaran, Uluwatu, or white sand beach in Karang Asem. Care for something even more unique? We have a number of seldom-visited beaches such as Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan, also in Menjangan Island in North Bali. However, to do the pre-wedding photo session in those locations require extra costs for transportation.

Menjangan Island Bali
Beaches with different nuances, Menjangan Island is very suitable for underwater photos
Jimbaran Beach (top) and Menjangan Island (bottom)

There are a lot of beaches not usually visited by travelers, but have more stunning natural beauty compared to the standard tourist beaches. For example, Menjangan Island has beaches with white sand and attractive corals which are very fitting for outdoor photos combined with underwater photos for a truly unique pre-wedding photo session.

If you are partial to the mountain scenery, there are two alternatives for a photo tour that we can take. One of them is the Bedugul route, which has a cool climate. There are several lakes in this areas, namely Bedugul lake, Buyan lake and Tamblingan lake. As a variation, the photo session can also be conducted in Gitgit Waterfall. On our way back we can drop by Tanah Lot to do a photo shoot with the temple and sunset background.

As an alternative to the Bedugul route, we can opt for the Kintamani lake with the tall Mount Agung as the background and the dry earth surrounding which gives a dinstict uniqueness. On our way back we usually drop by Ubud for a photo session with beautiful rice fields and traditional Balinese irrigation system as the background.

Danau Buyan Bali
Lake Buyan, Bali

How about heritage buildings, or buildings with historical values? There are several locations suitable for pre-wedding photo sessions such as Taman Ujung located in Karang Asem Regency, Bajra Sandhi Monument in Denpasar, or Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park which as the largest carved statue in Asia. All these locations can be visited in a relatively short travel time from Denpasar city centre. Taking pre-wedding photos in a temple is also possible as long as appropriate attire is worn, or even in traditional Balinese costumes.

Aside from that, modern parks such as Waterbom, Zoo, Bird Park, shopping malls or even hotels can be alternative locations for your pre-wedding photo sessions in Bali. There are a large number of unexpected places that can be interesting photo locations in Bali.

Air Terjun Klungkung
Klungkung waterfall

Taman Ujung Karang Asem
Taman Ujung, the palace of the King of Karang Asem

Then what about a wedding ceremony in Bali? Certainly it would be the most romantic wedding ever existed. Several luxury locations in Bali provide the wedding venues complete with stunning beachside wedding chapels, such as Conrad hotel, Tirtha Uluwatu, Bali Khayangan Villa, and many more. A lot of celebrities chose these locations for their wedding.

Wedding Ceremony in Bali
Wedding Ceremony at Tirta Uluwatu BALI

Whatever you need in in terms of Photography services in Bali, we provide the best photo packages in Bali for pre-wedding, wedding, honeymoon, vacation, candid wedding shots etc. Please contact us for details of the Packages that we offer, consult your photography requirements with us.