Digital Imaging Post Processing

Digital Imaging brought a significant change in the world of photography, things that used to be impossible now can easily be done through Digital Imaging. Some people prefer natural pictures without any Digital Imaging and other people love Digital Imaging dearly. We do editing whenever requested by our clients prior to the photo session

Taking a picture of you on the moon?  We can easily do this by using Digital Imaging techniques. All we have to do is take your picture in front of a specific-colored background and some lighting effect, the rest we process with a computer - and yes, the result will be near perfect. Some photographers really dislike Digital Imaging because any newbie photographer can produce stunning pictures with Digital Imaging skills.

We are flexible photographers, we keep our skills up-to-date with the digital era. Yes, some of our works involve Digital Imaging process and others are just pure photography. We do Digital Imaging based on our client's preferences, if you prefer natural pictures just let us know before the photo session, and we will do post-processing only limited to color correction and adjustment.