Filming FAQ

These are about what you need to know before making your film


  • I want to make a short movie for our pre-wedding, but I don't have any idea what story behind it. Any suggestion?
    We can discuss about this, but first we need to know your background, your activities, professions etc. Also, we need to know your budget, where would the location be etc. After we gather all this information we will try to propose a storyboard for your film.
  • How if I have my own story?
    That's ok, it would be great!
  • Do we need a make-up artist?
    It depends on you, could be yes or no, but we suggest that you hire a make-up artist.
  • Do we need to provide costumes and properties?
    Yes, you should provide them all, the movie will look real if we put as many properties as we can.
  • Could you do film shooting in the city where I live?
    Yes of course, the client will be responsible for additional charges for transportation, accommodation & meals for the photographer team during film shooting.
  • How many people needed for you to do a film shooting?
    We need at least three people in charge, if the shooting involves aerial filming we need additional one person for carrying our equipments.
  • Can you make an underwater filming or aerial filming for pre-wedding film as well?
    Yes, we can. We have a small UAV with low operational cost to fulfill these needs.
  • How long is the duration of a pre-wedding movie?
    Based on our experience the best duration is around 5 minutes, any longer duration needs a complex story otherwise it will make the audience feel bored.
  • How many days needed to do shooting for 5-minute pre-wedding movie?
    Depends on the story and place of shooting, we need at least a full day shooting.
  • What is wedding trailer?
    A Wedding Trailer is a film about your wedding progress from preparation / pre-wedding to wedding ceremony. All of the rituals are filmed precisely in term of angles and sense of art.
  • What is the difference between wedding trailer and wedding video documentation?
    Wedding documentation is about just putting the camera on a tripod, pressing the “record” button on every moments of your wedding ritual. The duration could be more than one hour. All rituals are filmed in a timely manner from the beginning to the end, no artistic angle etc.
  • Do you offer video documentation as well?
    No, we don't have any interest to do video documentation but we can hire some of our partners to do this for you.


  • I want to make a company profile / TVC for my company, but don't have any idea for this.  Any suggestion?
    We can help you to find an idea, we can propose some of the stories written by our story maker. Once you approve it, you have to pay story fee to the writer.
  • We want our production based on our budget. Could you maximize the output based on our budgets?
    Yes, we can do that.
  • Do you provide talents for our films?
    Depends on the nature of your company, but mostly yes, we can help to find talents as well as make an agreement with them for you.
  • I cannot find the price list for making the company profile?
    Since the company profile production is more complex than pre-wedding movie, please contact us for detailed pricing.