Photo Location FAQ

Raja Ampat Indonesia Raja Ampat Indonesia
If you have no idea where you should choose photo location


  • Do you have a photo studio for photography?
    We have portable studio equipments, we can set up our equipments within half an hour.
  • If I have a limited budget for a photo session, where should I choose a nice photo location?
    You can go to Bandung for one night, here we have a forest, a waterfall, a tea plantation, a volcano crater, rice fields, a lake, the cityscape, some fancy restaurants  and some artistic buildings.
  • How about underwater photography in a swimming pool?
    We have some swimming pools that are suitable for underwater photo sessions here in Bandung. We can do it in almost every swimming pool with minimum 5 m long by 5m wide and at least 1,2 meters depth. We can also come to your hometown and do the underwater photo session in a local hotel which provides swimming pool facility.
  • I want to do a photo session outside Bandung, but not too far. Should I pay any surcharge?
    If the location is within 80km radius from Bandung, there's no additional cost. This area includes Lembang, Padalarang, Pengalengan, Ciwidey, and Garut.
  • Where is the nearest nice beach from Bandung city?
    Many of them are located in the south coast. There are Pangandaran, Cipatujah, Pameungpek, Pelabuhan Ratu, and Sawarna.
  • What do you recommend for the economical location for beach near Bandung?
    We will recommend Pangandaran as it has nice rice fields, beach, forest, waterfall, river, etc. Accommodation is also easy and quite cheap.

Bromo Mountain
Bromo Mountain - east Java


  • Could you come to Jakarta for a photo session?
    Sure! Jakarta is quite close to Bandung.
  • Do you charge us an extra charge for a photo session in Jakarta?
    It depends on the location and the photo package.
  • What will be interesting for a photo shoot within the city of Jakarta?
    If you like nature, absolutely no interesting spot within the city. But if your concept is modern  lifestyle or art, there may be some interesting places.
  • Where to find nice beaches in Jakarta?
    We can go to Thousands Islands for a photo session.
  • How about a forest?
    We can go to Puncak area.
  • What is the most popular place in Jakarta area for a photo session?
    Kota Tua (may be very crowded), Kebun raya Bogor, Situ Gunung near Sukabumi.


  • Is it beautiful to have a pre-wedding photo session in Bali?
    Almost everyone knows that Bali is one of the most beautiful Islands on this planet !  Why BALI ? Check it here  !
  • What is the highlight for pre-wedding photography in Bali?
    Nice beaches, spectacular rice fields, waterfalls, temples, public parks, modern recreations, water sports, mountain areas, lakes etc.
  • Why BALI ? Other places also have similar scenery.
    Bali is a small Island, you can get from the mountain directly to the beach within a couple of hours. You can get more variations in your photos.
  • Many people do pre-wedding photography in Bali, most places become common. Do you have any other areas for photo session?
    Yes, we have some special places in the northern Bali which are still not visited by many tourists, but extra transport charges will be applied due to distance.
  • Can we do underwater pre-wedding photo session in Bali ?
    Yes, you can do it in your hotel's swimming pool.
  • Do you offer all-in-one pre-wedding package in Bali?
    Yes, we have several Bali Packages.
  • Do we need to pay accommodation for the photographer team?
    No need, if you choose a Bali Package.
  • Do I need to bring a make-up artist from our hometown?
    You can hire a local make-up artist in Bali.
  • Do we need to bring our wedding gown from our hometown?
    Better you bring it for proper fitting!
  • What is the best season for pre-wedding photo session in Bali?
    Heavy rain usually happens within the New Year period, the rest is usually OK.


  • Any interesting places other than Bali?
    Yes of course, Indonesia is a big and beautiful country.
  • What is the best mountain scenery for pre-wedding photography in Indonesia?
    The best one is BROMO, for those who live in Surabaya it is easy to get here. “The best” here is in terms of photography and ease of access.
  • What is the best beach for photography?
    If you have higher budget, you should take our recommendation. Believe me, this place is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! (not only in Indonesia)
  • Where is it?
    If you want easy access, we can go to Berau in east Borneo (Kalimantan), where the beach looks like in Bora-Bora. If you have an even higher budget, we can go Raja Ampat.
  • Do you know these places very well?
    Yes, very well because we are also scuba divers who visit these areas frequently.
  • Could you arrange a photo session there?
    Yes of course, contact us for detailed information.

 Sangalaki Island - Berau, East Borneo
Do you think that this is Maldives ? or Bora bora ?  No, this is Indonesia, Sangalaki, Kalimantan


  • What is the highlight for pre-wedding photo sessions in Singapore?
    Cityscape and modern recreational park such as Sentosa, Universal Studios etc.
  • Which one is more expensive, Singapore or Bali?
    If you live in Indonesia, it's almost the same. If you more like city / modern concept you can choose Singapore, if you like nature and/or culture it’s better to choose Bali.
  • Is Venue Fee going to be charged in Singapore?
    Based on our experience, NO.

 Pu Chi Fa, Chiang Rai - Thailand
Pu Chi Fa, Chiang Rai - Thailand


  • What is the highlight for pre-wedding photo sessions in Thailand?
    Similar to Indonesia such as beautiful beaches, cityscape, rice fields, mountains, etc. The difference is big, wide rivers and a lot of Buddhist temples.
  • Which part of Thailand should I choose?
    If you like nature and beaches, it’s better to choose Phuket as there are so many beautiful beaches there. If you like mountain area it’s better to go to Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. But if you like modern area, you can choose Bangkok.
  • How about cost?
    Accommodation is nearly the same with Indonesian, but meals and transportation are relatively cheaper.
  • I heard Phuket has beautiful beaches such as on Phi Phi Island and James Bond Island, how are they compared to Raja Ampat, Indonesia?
    Not in Phuket but it's near Phuket. The island is called Phi Phi Island (the best island in Thailand). We have visited both Islands, Raja Ampat wins at almost every aspects but it’s difficult to get there while in Thailand almost every area can be reached easily.


  • How about underwater photography outside Indonesia?
    Sure, no problem.
  • How about aerial photography or filming outside Indonesia?
    For basic aerial photography and filming it should be no problem in most countries. In some countries such as America, Belgium, Turkey and most of European countries some strict laws apply to UAV with altitude limitation and transmitter device limitation. We need to consult with local authority to make sure prior to the session.
  • Are European countries nice for photo sessions?
    They can be very nice, really different look than tropical areas such as Indonesia.