Photosession FAQ

Frequently Asked Question related to Photo Session


  • Where is the base location for Anril photographer team?
    Our Base location is in Bandung and Denpasar Bali - Indonesia.
  • If we do a photo session outside Bandung or Bali, will we be charged for additional charges?
    Yes, only a photo session within radius of 80 km away from our base location will not be charged for additional charge.
  • Could we do a photo session outside Indonesia?
    Yes, we can do a photo session outside Indonesia, the client will be responsible for air tickets, meals, and accommodations during the photo session for all photographer team.
  • How many photographers are usually assigned for a pre-wedding or wedding photo job?
    Based on the client's budget, at least we need two people in charge although we strongly recommend three people.
  • What kind of hotel should we book for the photographer team?
    We need at least 3-star class of hotel rooms with air-conditioner and safety box facility in our room to secure our equipments.
  • How many hours is one photo session?
    On Land: 1 session is 6 Hours (including preparation, break & photo session) Underwater: 1 session is 3 Hours (Including preparation & photo session) 1 Day photo shoot usually consists of 2 sessions


  • Who can be a model for underwater photography?
    Almost everyone can do it with basic swimming skills and the ability to hold breath for at least five seconds.
  • Do we need to be able to scuba dive?
    NO, if you just want to take pictures near the surface.
  • What is the requirement if we want to make it deep underwater session in the open ocean?
    Taking underwater picture deeper than 5 meters needs a special procedure, you need to be a certified diver with some diving experience.

 Underwater Pre Wedding Behind The Scene


  • Do I need a make-up artist for a photo session?
    If you could do it by yourself and you don't need extreme close-up photograph, you don't need a make-up artist. But we strongly suggest that you hire a hair stylist for your photo session.
  • Does the package include the make-up artist’ fee?
    Unless specified in the package, our service doesn't cover make-up artist, hair stylist, and costumes.
  • Why the price doesn't include the make-up artist’s fee?
    Because some of our clients could do it by themselves, while most of them already have their own make-up artist.
  • If I need a make-up artist & hair stylist, could you provide them?
    Yes, we have some make-up artists in partnership with us. The prices vary from IDR 750,000 (USD 75) per day upwards. More experienced make-up artists usually charge higher than newbies.
  • If the photo session is taken outside Bandung or Bali, do we need to accommodate them as well?
    Yes, client will be responsible for transportations & accommodations & meals for them. We can assist in finding local make-up artist whenever possible.
  • Does underwater pre-wedding session also need a make-up artist?
    Absolutely yes, please make sure that the make-up products are waterproof.

 Taman Ujung, pre wedding photo session by anwil


  • What kind of costume should I wear during a photo session?
    It depends on which concept you want, we will discuss about the concept before the photo session.
  • Does the photo package include the costume rental?
    All of our photo packages do not include costume rental fee.
  • Is there any from all photo packages offered by Anril that covers all things including costume rental?
    No, because we want every picture created by our team to be unique for our clients. Unlike the cheap photographer services who offer all-in-one photo packages which produce the same photos, the same angle, in the same costumes for all their clients.
  • What costumes are usually worn by the pre-wedding photo clients?
    For a simple one you can use casual t-shirts, traditional dresses or you may want to do it with simple gowns or even a wedding gown as well.
  • How about photo properties? Are they important?
    Yes, of course they’re very important. We strongly suggest that you provide your own photo properties according to the concept you want.
  • Could you give an example of photo properties?
    If you like golf and want to create photos with golf concept, then you should provide the golf sticks, golf costume, golf balls, and other accessories.


  •  What is a Venue Fee?
    A Venue Fee is commonly charged in Indonesia, especially if you do a pre-wedding photo session in a place managed by a company or local government.
  • How much is the Venue Fee?
    The fees vary depend on location. For example, taking pre-wedding pictures in a five-star hotel in Bali usually the charge is around USD 150 for six hours. Public tourist destinations such as Bromo Mountain, Kawah Putih, Taman Ujung Bali, the charges start from USD 50 /day.
  • Could it be negotiated?
    It some areas YES, while others have fixed prices.
  • Is a Venue Fee commonly charged for a photo session outside Indonesia ?
    Based on our experience, as long as we take photos for personal documentations, then no charges apply. This condition includes Singapore and Thailand.
  • Do we pay the Venue Fee to the photographer team?
    NO, you pay the Venue Fee directly to the venue management before the photo session.