General FAQ

General frequently asked question related to photography services


  • There are so many photographers out there, I'm confused how to choose one of them. Could you give a neutral opinion about this?
    The easiest way to choose a photographer is to have a look at their portfolio to see if you love the photos. Please also make sure that the price fits to your budget.
  • Why some of photographers offer me very cheap services while yours is quite expensive ?
    Since the digital camera became a lifestyle, and its price gets cheaper from day to day, anybody can easily claim to be a photographer. Some of these people tend to make photography as their second business in order to earn funding for their equipments. Newbie photographers will need to hunt their first clients for their portfolio. They will not be shy to offer very cheap photography service or even a free service for you in order to build a portfolio.
  • What is the difference between a newbie photographer and a professional photographer?
    We don't say all newbie photographers couldn't produce good images, but a professional photographer definitely has more experience than a newbie one. In most cases, a real professional photographer could work under pressure and sometimes in un-ideal working conditions. For example, doing photo shoot for a wedding day could be stressful for someone without experience. Most professionals know what to do if the plan is not going as it should be, they have plan B. Professional photographers also usually know how to deal with some client's requests.
  • Some photographers showed me photography academic credential, is it important?
    The biggest element of what makes a picture looks so beautiful is sense of art!  You cannot learn this even in the best photography school in the world. The same case with a singer, not everybody can produce sound like Mariah Carey even if he/she goes to the best music school in the world.
  • Is photography very difficult to learn?
    Everyone can learn the techniques, anybody can go to photography school to study the techniques. By understanding basic knowledge of photography, everybody can easily make a clear, sharp, bright photo. But only a few of them with sense of art can combine their techniques with artistic angle, concept and lighting which can result in a beautiful picture.
  • So, why do you charge so highly for your services?
    Cheap or Expensive is relative. Our price is calculated based on our photography equipment investment, just for your information  our basic investment were as follows:
    - a semi-pro full frame body camera at USD 2,500
    - a back-up body camera just in case the primary camera malfunctions during the job USD 2,500
    - at least 3 professional grade lenses which cost USD 1,500 per lens
    - 2 portable flashes (Main & Backup) that cost USD 450 each
    - Lens accessories such as filters etc that cost USD 300
    - Durable bag for traveling that costs USD 250
    - A portable Data Back Up USD 350
    - A high-end Personal Computer for post-processing USD 1,500
    - A professional tripod USD 350
    That's just a basic investment of a professional photographer, we also need to update our gear periodically, and it excludes other costs such as promotion, office, marketing, etc.
  • There are some photographers with lots of portfolio but still charge cheaper price than you ?
    Their equipments may be at the lower grade from ours. Logically, All businessman must set their price according to their investment.
  • I found some photographers who has equipments similar with you, has lot of portfolio, but still cheaper than your price ?
    Yes, they lowering price to attract more customers. More customers is more profit, but they also will lose their idea and creativity by working too much. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
  • How about a photographer who set their price very high ?
    Mean that they sell his/her big name also. Who will not be very proud if Steven Spielberg directly made your pre-wedding film ? 
  • Why is your price relatively cheaper than others?
    If you think that our price is not too high compared with others, it means that you're a smart costumer who can see that price is objectively related to the quality. Our prices are optimized, we minimize office costs as we don't have a nice outlet in the city which can be very costly. We don't use massive advertising, our website is our only marketing tools. That's why, what you pay is mostly what you will get from us
  • Why do you limit only two clients per month?
    Working in art-related field is different with mass production. We need a fresh mind to make a brilliant idea for photography. We will lose our creativity by doing many jobs in a month,photos will be typically the same among all of our clients. We don't want this to happen.


  • Do we need to pay any deposit for booking a photo session with you?
    Yes, generally for a photo session in our home base, we need 30% deposit, and the remaining payment should be settled before the photo session. For a photo session outside our home location we would require immediate full payment to confirm air ticket, hotel and transportation.
  • What is your bank account or payment information:
    Bank Central Asia, # 282.10.56961, on behalf: Kaufik Anril H., Swift Code: CENAIDJA
    Bank Mandiri, # 130.00.0788899.6 on behalf: Kaufik Anril H., Swift Code: BMRIIDJA
    PAYPAL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Who is responsible for transfer fee (if occured)?
    Clients are responsible for transfer fees.
  • How long is the processing time after a photo session?
    Large photo prints are usually ready within 14 working days, while an album needs longer production time (up to 90 days).
  • Why does it take so long?
    Our album is of high-quality magazine style, some part is handmade to preserve the sense of art. The album layout is professionally designed by our artist, which takes more time than producing an instant album like other  photographers usually do.
  • I reside outside Indonesia, how can we get our album and photo prints?
    The album itself weighs about 3 kgs / 7lbs, usually we ship it through EMS service to your home country. The shipping cost is about USD 50-100 depend on the destination country.
  • Do I need to worry about making a booking with your company, since we have never met each other before?
    You can make a simple research with, you can search if any issue exists with our company name or owner of this company. You will know how long our business has been established by doing domain query using Just type in our domain name (, you can see more information about our company, where it is located, etc. We also have other online businesses such as scuba diving school and aerial photography services. The best payment method for you is by using Paypal, it protects you if something happens with the transactions. You can claim a dispute to a transaction if the transaction is not going as it should be, if there is no response from the seller Paypal will refund all of your money.
  • How to book a photo session with you?
    Please read our Terms and Agreements section at the bottom of every page in this website. If you agree, you  can simply leave us an email and we will send you a service quotation together with payment invoice. Once the deposit payment is cleared, everything is confirmed. We will see you at the airport, and you can settle the balance of your invoice before the photo session starts.


  • Where I can learn about what I can do with my pictures?
    You can read TERMS AND AGREEMENTS at the bottom of every page in this website.
  • Can I do modification to our photos and use it somewhere?
    Yes, you can, as long as you don't claim the photo is taken by another party.
  • Can I put a claim that our pictures are taken by me?
    No, that is against the copyright laws.
  • Can I put a watermark on our pictures?
    Yes you can put your name, or some words with nothing related to a name. You can't put a company name or other people’s names in there.
  • I see in the Terms and Agreement that can use all of their photos for portfolio purpose, can I refuse this condition?
    Yes you can. We will charge you 5 (five) times of our service price to cancel this condition.
  • I was your client several years ago and I lost all of my photo files here, can I request another copy in a DVD?
    We keep all photos taken by us in our Data Center for two years. You can ask for a copy from us if your photo session occurred within 2 years ago, however please note that you will be charged for processing & shipping fee.