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Interested in learning scuba diving in Bali ? or want to shoot some aerial pictures or film for your own company or a TV Commercial ? Aside of as bali photographer, Please Check our Sister Companies web here



Belajar Diving di Bali memberikan kepuasan yang maksimal

The majority of this planet consists of the ocean, do you want to see it with your own eyes?  We are a scuba dive school based on the fascinating island of BALI, where the sun shines all year round, with crystal clear waters to dive in all the time. We have a concept that learning to scuba dive is FUN and SAFE. Plaease check our website at http://www.belajardiving.com


If you want to take pictures of your property from an unusual angle, you can try our low-cost aerial photography service in which we take the picture from the air by using a remote controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) such as R/C Helicopter or Multi Copter. If you're a production house who needs low-cost aerial filming services, we provide aerial filming with FullHD/HD ouput quality taken by various camera such as GOPRO, Sony NEX5 or even DSLR Camera. Please check our website at http://www.helicamindo.com