Photography Equipments

We use the most recent DSLR camera as well as professional-grade lenses and lighting systems to produce high-quality digital images. Providing a back-up camera is one of our standard procedures for the unlikely event that the primary camera malfunctions. We also maintain a Data Management to prevent data loss during the photo session

All of our team members are professional, dedicated photographers with more than 10 years of experience. Our main photographer always uses at least semi-pro DX or full-frame body camera class such as Nikon D700, D800 or Canon 5DM2/M3 featured with at least 12 Mega Pixel Image Quality, suitable both for low-light indoor and outdoor photography. All of our lenses are professional grade with at least f/2.8 for picture sharpness in terms of the depth of field.

We have all lighting systems suitable for both indoor and outdoor photo sessions, from a small lighting flash to mobile outdoor flash equipped with a portable power generator using gasoline. We choose the appropriate lighting system to be used during your photo session depending on the situation and our client's budget, therefore please consult with our photographer before your photo session.

In the unlikely event that our primary camera malfunctions, our standard procedure is always bringing a back-up camera to the site. We also provide back-up devices to prevent data loss, once the photo session is done we copy all of the photo files into two back-up devices.