Wedding Photography Package

We offer wedding photography services as packages that cover most, if not all, of your wedding needs. These packages include pre-wedding photo session by ourl photographers, wedding documentation and candid photography, high quality album production and high quality photo prints in various sizes as described in our wedding packages

How about the photographer taking pictures in the groom's house?  And who will be in charge for photos of the bride‚Äôs wedding preparations?  I want to show some of our pre-wedding pictures in our wedding ceremony, could you arrange this?  The answer to all of those questions is YES, we will take care of all your wedding photography needs. All of our team members are experienced in handling full wedding services from pre-wedding, wedding preparation, holy matrimony and wedding ceremony.

Wedding Album
Our Wedding Album is High-quality magazine style with anti-scratch laminated to each page and photo printed to the cover

Wedding Album
Each page is designed by our professional graphics designer

If you chose our full wedding package, we will do the pre-wedding photo session for you, develop the photos for display on your wedding and produce the high-quality album. On the wedding day, we will assign a team of two photographers who will take pictures of the wedding preparations both for the Groom & Bride's places at the same time. Your holy matrimony and wedding ceremony also will be documented as well.

Clients usually get their high-quality magazine-style albums containing pre-wedding and wedding photos, some of large photo-prints, and a DVD with all photos in JPEG format.