Underwater Photography

This is our specialty , Underwater Photography for Pre Wedding, Modeling in Bali, Bandung, etc

This is for those want their pre-wedding photos to look different from the others’. Besides doing a general pre-wedding photo session on land, we can also do an underwater pre-wedding photo session in either a swimming pool or in an open ocean if you're able to swim properly. Almost all of our photographer team members are certified scuba divers equipped with professional grade Digital SLR Camera Housing, we do not use crappy pocket camera or SLR with plastic-wrapped housing. All photo sessions are supervised by a Certified Scuba Diver Instructor to maintain safety throughout the photo session.

Underwater Pre Wedding Swimming Pool
Behind The Scene - Underwater Pre Wedding Photo Session in the swimming pool

 Underwater Modeling Behind The Scene
Underwater Modeling Photo-session in the real ocean with Listy

We offer two options for those who want to do an underwater photo session both for pre-wedding (couple) or modeling. The first option is the easiest way and the most economical, by doing the photo session in a swimming pool. Almost anyone, even with limited swimming skills, can do an underwater photo session in a swimming pool. The second option is an underwater photo session in the real open water that could be a river, a lagoon, a beach or the ocean. The most important thing to be taken into consideration before doing an underwater photo session in the open water is visibility. We need at least 12-meter visibility, which means we can see an object at least 12 meters away (further distance is even better). The second most important thing is, we have to think about the access, water conditions, etc.  If you don't have any knowledge of a place which fulfills those criteria for an underwater photo session, do not worry because we have some photo packages in some areas in Indonesia where the waters are suitable for an underwater photo session.

Underwater Pre Wedding Fakhiz Ingrid Malaysia
Underwater Pre Wedding in the swimming pool for Fakhiz & Ingrid from Malaysia

Underwater photo session in the real open water is more likely to be costlier than in the swimming pool. It's very hard to find a beach which has ideal water conditions near a big city, so we need special arrangements for transportation and accommodation. The other reason why it is expensive is because we need to provide safety protocols such as a proper boat, floatation devices, safety divers, oxygen tanks, scuba tanks, porters, etc. Although it could be costly, we bet that the pictures would be amazing. Please contact us for detail!