wedding cinematography

TVC, Company Profile, cinematic look Pre Wedding film or wedding trailer, be a star on your big day !

Nowadays, most recent cameras from various brands such as Canon, Nikon and Sony have  video-recording features with Full HD quality. This means we can produce a short movie / film at a lower cost than using a film camera which is for real movie shooting. We also use this feature to produce amateur movies such as for Pre-wedding Movie, Wedding Trailer, Company Profile, TV Commercial, etc. It means that you could be a star on your big day with economical production budget.

The story behind the film depends on the situation, client's preferences, budget, etc. Usually we discuss about this firsthand before production starts. The most preferred story by some of our clients is how the couple had known each other and decided to get married. And yes, we can take film on land, underwater and from the air (if applicable with the story). Some other clients want to make a wedding trailer, which contains wedding preparations, holy matrimony to the wedding ceremony itself. You could create whatever you want, just discuss it with our director!

We also apply all of our specialty such as underwater filming, aerial filming, to maximize the result for your satisfaction. Please have a check at our portfolio for other video production such as pre wedding film, wedding trailer, documentary.